Leprosy of the heart

The story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5 is one of my favorite bible stories. It reminds me of God’s ability to heal and the dangers of walking in pride! The passage opens by telling us that Naaman was favored by the King of Syria. He had a great position and great victories BUT he was a leper.

As the story of Naaman unfolds, we see that he not only had leprosy of the skin but leprosy of the heart. What on earth am I talking about? Naaman was angry when the Prophet Elisha didn’t come out to see him and by way of his servant, told him to go dip seven times in the Jordan River. Naaman was furious because being a man with such authority, he was expecting a more honorable greeting followed by special instructions for His healing. He received neither!

Given the severity of his situation, I would think that Naaman would have immediately obeyed instead of protesting. After all, leprosy was fatal! However, the pride in His heart made Him forget about his desperate situation. Pride has a way of blinding us from what we really need. Pride can be a deliverance snatcher! Thankfully Naaman had a wise officer who encouraged him to take heed to the instruction given by the man of God and he was healed.

What is the BUT in your life, that exception, that thorn? In other words, what is the thing that is hanging over your head that seems to overshadow all the other great things that you have going on in your life? Sometimes God allows the outward “leprosy” in our life to highlight the most fatal leprosy of all…the one in our hearts. God knows how to present scenarios in our life that brings the ugliness in our hearts to the surface so that we can be healed, delivered, and freed from pride. Have you been protesting, or have you yielded to the process so that you can be healed of spiritual leprosy?


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    1. We tend to run from trials but they really reveal what is in our hearts. God knows how to bring the impurities of our hearts to the surface so that we can be cleansed and grow! It is not an easy process but the end results are well worth it!

    1. I can imagine that you have many opportunities for growth and lessons in humility when working in the school system. Praise God for growth opportunities!

  1. What an on time word. As I grow and seek to be more Christ I realize many things really are about me. Me growing, me doing the necessary things to show God’s love, me understanding how I can be better. It many times points back to me but had a lot to do with serving someone being God to those that need to hear the message and not fearing the faces. Fear is something that can sit and grow especially when it is not faced.

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