In Ezra chapter 8 we have the account of Ezra leading the second group of exiles returning to Jerusalem.  The trip was about 900 miles and would take approximately 4 months on foot.  The exiles would have to travel through dangerous territory before reaching Jerusalem.  In vs 22, Ezra says he was embarrassed to ask the king for soldiers and footmen to protect them.  Ezra had already made a bold declaration to the king that God would protect those who worshipped Him.  Instead of looking to the king for protection, Ezra got together with the leaders and they prayed and fasted and asked God to protect them.  Verse 23 tells us that God heard and answered their prayers.  Ezra’s action matched his confession. How many times do we make bold confessions about God but when faced with difficulties our actions prove otherwise? Do we claim that God is a provider but begin to worry when lack threatens to overtake us?  We get stressed and forget to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. We sometimes fail to stand with assurance knowing that all the other things we are in need of will be provided! We can make bold declarations but challenges will come to reveal if we believe what we have declared.  To stand on those confessions we must do like Ezra and fuel our faith with prayer and fasting.  Let us not neglect these necessary aspects of our walk with Christ.

Be Blessed


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