Called to Help Not Hinder


What would happen if we dared to be the wives God called us to be?  What would happen if we rejected this world’s system, refusing to conform to their definition but hunger to be transformed through the renewing of our minds of what it means to be a wife? A God kind of wife; one that has made a decision to help her husband not hinder him.  One that understands and lives the depths of her vows, “for better or for worse.”  One that has a made up mind to love and to honor him even when we see him at his worse and feels he doesn’t deserve our help.  One that says I will help build you up with my speech. Speaking life even when death is threatening to suck the life out of me, when you don’t tell me what I desperately need to hear.  One that says I will help you by spending time in prayer on your behalf, not just telling on you  but loving you through my intercession.  I will help by hearing what God has to say about you, and speak it right back to you when you are at your lowest and can’t believe it.

I want to be one that makes her actions scream, “I will not hinder you!”  I will not allow myself to become a weapon in the devil’s hands to wound my head. I understand that we are one, and hindering him is hindering myself.  I will not hinder by tearing him down with my words on the phone with my girlfriends understanding that even though he doesn’t hear the conversations, he senses the weight of the words in my touch or lack thereof.  I will not hinder through reminding him of his past demanding that he be held captive for his mistakes.  I will help by freely offering forgiveness as often as it is needed and not questioning whether it is deserved.

The world is broken and contrary to what they may believe they need to see helpers in action, they need to see the word lived out.  They got the memo on the hinderers, they are all around…on the big screen, in the magazines and some are even hanging out in the church pews.   I want to be THAT wife, the helper not the hinderer! How about you?

 If you can find a truly good wife, she is worth more than precious gems! … 12 She will not hinder him but help him all her life. 

Proverbs 31:  10, 12 TLB


8 Replies to “Called to Help Not Hinder”

  1. Hi Anika, beautiful thoughts. I really like these lines ” I will help by hearing what God has to say about you, and speak it right back to you when you are at your lowest and can’t believe it.” Don’t we all have days when we need someone to be our cheerleader and moments in life when we need words of life spoken into our spirits. If more women grasped the words you have said here perhaps there would be less broken marriages.

    1. Hello Wanda, thank you for your comment. Yes there are many days in which I need a cheerleader, as a matter of fact I had one earlier this week :). God is just so awesome and He certainly has provided the formula for whole marriages, may we all receive and walk in His word!

  2. thanks Anika for the wonderful massages which I pray that every woman should read and practice. all I believe is that in any marriage everybody has a role to play towards a happy and successful marriage, but women are key prayers. you were blessed to bless others.thank you once more Anika

    1. I am so happy to hear you were blessed by this post. You are so right, we all have a role to play for a successful marriage and when we seek God in prayer He helps us. God bless!

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