Quick Study: Identifying the call of God on my child’s life

Click here for a quick study on identifying the call of God on your child’s life.

Speaking the word of God over your child

Click for encouragement on speaking the word of God over your child.

Hey Mom, stop doing it all. Get the kids involved!

Dear Parent, don’t try to do it all. Training children to help out at home is beneficial to both parent and child.

How do I introduce Jesus to my children?

Have you ever wondered how to introduce Jesus to your children? Where do you begin? Click here to find out.



I am a mother of six. I understand the challenge of finding time to spend with the Lord. Watch this video for a few helpful tips.

How Do I teach My Child to Pray?

Do you want to teach your child how to pray but not sure where to begin? Click here for some practical tips.

About Anika Jones

I have been changed and continue to go through a spiritual metamorphosis. Why & How you ask? I fell in love with Jesus! My life with Him has been absolutely fulfilling, at times nail biting, puzzling, joy filled, tear dropping, & absolutely positively WORTHWHILE! I married the handsome man I met at a bus stop over 13 years ago and together we have six energetic children. It is my desire to share what I am learning as I walk with Jesus in hopes that it would have an eternal impact on those who read it!