Clean Your House. Lesson 33 of 40

Have you noticed that it can be difficult to concentrate and be productive if your house isn’t clean? For today’s lesson, I have learned that cleaning my house is important. A clean and organized home helps to improve my mood. I understand that we have different seasons of life and things may not always look the way we want it to. I get it, I encourage you to not get discouraged but do what you can. There are 8 of us that live in our house and I sometimes wonder how on earth someone with such a tiny body can make a tornado of a mess. Even though my house is not always picture perfect, I have learned that I must make it a priority to try to keep things in order. I try to be mindful of how much time I WASTE on my phone or being idle. I may not be able to keep the entire house looking sparkling clean each day, but I try to be intentional with the little things such as daily making my bed and doing some laundry each day. God is a God of order and I realize that He is also concerned about the ways in which I keep my surroundings. I want to honor Him in all I do, nothing is off limit. I would love to hear from you, what are some things you do to maintain a tidy home? Do you struggle in this area?

Proverbs 31:27
She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

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