Continue to give, God will reward!

Do you continue to give even when you feel you have the right to receive?  This notion does not make sense in the natural, but it is the way of the kingdom of God.  Jesus demonstrated this principle on the cross, He gave His life even though HIs sinless life gave Him the right to live.  But if we take a closer look at how the cross scenario ends, we realize that when we give having the right to receive, we gain so much more in the end.  Jesus gave His life but He received the place of highest honor at the right of the father. (Philippians 2:5-11)

My question to you is, do you hold on to your right to receive or are you looking for ways to give; knowing in the end your heavenly father will reward you?

-Do you give forgiveness even without receiving the apology you think you deserve?

-Do you give your time in intercession for others even though you feel you should receive sleep?

-Do you continue to work hard behind the scenes when you think you deserve public acknowledgement and a reward for all you have done?

Here is the thing, God sees your giving and He can reward you far greater than anyone else.  For the record, I would prefer to receive my reward from the hand of God than from the hand of man.  I want to encourage you to keep giving, harvest time will come!


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