I didnt know I needed to be healed

I have been on quite a journey with my health and I have had to take some extreme measures.  There were things going on inside of my body that I was unaware of, things that a routine visit to the doctor didn’t catch.  My gut was in desperate need of healing and I had no idea.  I would just see the outward manifestation of an internal issue.  The problem was not on the surface, it went beyond what the eye could see.  It was not until they took extensive blood work that things began to be revealed.  There is something about the blood that reveals truth. So the Lord has been leading me and I have had to make even more extreme changes to my diet.  It is not always easy but I am beginning to see lasting results and I am motivated. Desperation has a way of creating discipline.

Isn’t this how it is with our walk with the Lord?  People can see us from the outside and we look spiritually healthy but there can be issues with our spiritual gut so to speak. Issues that we can try to veil with our nice church faces and scriptures we have memorized. Sometimes we wear a mask for so long that we even begin to fool ourselves and are totally oblivious to our need for spiritual healing.  But it is only a matter of time until these issues begin to manifest through such symptoms as pride, unforgiveness, rebellion, murmuring, and discontentment.  Once the Lord makes us aware of our issues, we may start off determined and disciplined to walk the road to deliverance. But with time we can grow weary and slip back into old habits and open the door to the enemy all over again.  I am here to remind you that the way to deliverance and healing is extreme but the end results are well worth it!    Stay the course, obey what you know to do and allow the Lord to perform the healing that He wants to do in you!






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  1. For me the first thing is to admit I have a spiritual problem. The Lord will sometimes send a word through somebody else when we miss or ignore God’s word. Second is Patience along with being committed. I have to force myself to workout to lose weight. Most people start to see results rather quickly. My body fight itself and resist. This results in disappointment and cause me to quit. I am now bringing this issue to God to help me to stay on course and not give up with patience and much grace. I’ve been struggling to win a battle that only God can overcome.Thank you today my Lord for the end results of victory.

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