Doing the Hard

God often calls us to do things that scare us or make us uncomfortable. Previously I abandoned some of my God given assignments because they were hard. We have assumed that the call of God is easy.  This is often not the case. You don’t believe me?

Ask Moses how he felt standing before Pharaoh repeatedly.
Ask David how he felt running from Saul, the one occupying the position God called David to.
Ask Esther how she felt standing before the King, risking her life because she had not been summoned.
And my favorite, ask Jesus how He felt in the Garden of Gethsemane agonizing because he felt the weight of what was before Him.

In this season, I am stepping out and doing specific things I’m called to, and quite honestly it is difficult. Being stretched is uncomfortable. But I am learning that God is more concerned with my obedience than He is with my comfort. And while it is difficult, I am seeing His grace show up as I move in obedience.

Have you been putting off what God has called you to do because it is difficult? Are you waiting for it to make sense and become easy? I encourage to move in faith and obedience and the grace of God will meet you in the hard.

Philippians 4:13 NLT 

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

2 Replies to “Doing the Hard”

  1. I understand just what doing the hard means. There’s some discouragement in my life right now. I hold on to Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous. Do not be discouraged or afraid. When I do what the Lord said to do and don’t let my feelings get in the way; God’s process of where He bringing me to can continue in God’s perfect plan for my life and the assignments He has for me to accomplish .

    1. Amen Sis Glenda. I pray that you will continue to be encouraged in what God has spoken. It can be hard to believe especially when everything that we see is saying otherwise! I pray that you keep a steady gaze on Jesus and that His plans for your life will manifest. Sending a big hug your way. Love you!

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