Don’t be afraid to share all of the Good News!

As believers we have all been given the mandate to share the good news with this world.  This is not an option.   The world is in need of truth. Sure most of us don’t hesitate to let people know that we love Jesus and for a bonus, we let them know He loves them too.  Not a bad sales pitch for Jesus and it keeps us in good standing with the one we are “witnessing” to.  No offense, just all love.


However, God is calling His church to step up our witnessing efforts, we have to go deeper.  It is as much about his judgement of sin as it is about his love.  We have to sound the alarm, HELL IS REAL and those that practice sin will spend an eternity there.  We have to call sin for what it is…SIN! We can’t be afraid to let people know that sin, their sin is offensive to God and there is a need to repent. The reality of being rejected is not appealing to most so because of this we sometimes hesitate to share in depth.  We have to be careful to not be more concerned about protecting our feelings than sharing truth that has the ability to keep someone from eternal damnation if they receive it.  That is just PLAIN SELFISH!   I am asking God to help me to get over myself, get over the fear of being rejected (because it will happen), and share with a boldness that is motivated by love.  How about you?


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    1. Thanks forthe comment Tanya and by the grace of God I will continue to share the good news! I must say that I am honored that you nominated me for the Liebsteraward. I did take a look at the link you left and will be sure to respond. I must say that I would love to be in Jamaica right now as a matter of fact my husband and I are praying for the LOrd to open the doors for us to visit with the kiddos soon. Be blessed and enjoy the sunshine!

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