Free workout videos on youtube that are 25 minutes and under

I am so excited that a few of my readers decided to begin working out after reading this post. Way to go Koya and Lashanda.  By the way Lashanda has a new single on amazon that would be great to play as you are working out.  If you choose to purchase her single,  please consider doing it through amazon smile and  choose my church Faith Covenant Fellowship (Hoffman Estates is our given location) as your charity to support and the church will receive a donation from your purchase.

For those who would like to begin working out and need some suggestions you can visit my youtube channel. There is  a  playlist of exercises I do in the comfort of my own home.  Some of the workouts require dumbbells.  I have  sets of 5 lb., 8lb., and 15 lb. weights that I purchased at walmart. Some of the workouts do not require any equipment.  Happy working out!




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    1. Amen….couldn’t resist. I said that because you are totally the amen corner. I also like fitness blender, they have a great variety of workouts and most importantly they are FREE!

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