Get off the throne and get on the altar!

Get off the throne and get on the altar!  Oftentimes in our lives we make the choice to become our own boss and we struggle with relinquishing control to God.  Our lust for control makes us allergic to surrender and submission to Him.  We are our own kings and queens, our own Lords, we sit on the throne.  But for us to succeed we must do otherwise.  We must get off the throne and throw ourselves on the altar.  On the altar we become living sacrifices and the fire of God burns away all of the impurities. Holiness is then embraced and seen as a privilege and not a burden.  On the altar, our prayer, even in seasons of difficulty is, “not my will but your will be done.” A body that remains on the altar is one that has been spiritually conditioned to carry the weight of their cross daily and follow Jesus, no matter the distance, no matter the sacrifice. When we remain on the altar, we can find joy in tribulation as opposed to snuggling up with the devil and having a pity party. Failure is always guaranteed when we try to reverse roles.  The created is to remain on the altar looking up to the loving creator who is seated on His throne. Which place have you been occupying, throne or the altar?

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