God, I say yes.

I got my instructions.  They were clear.

I am not going to keep on asking for confirmation

I got enough

Cause see

That asking for confirmation thing

Well that was me trying to delay what I know you told me to do

That was me allowing my fears to be bigger than my faith.

But today I am looking fear square in the eye

And telling it

NO. It’s more like COMMANDING it


To loose it’s hold.

Because God has big things He wants to do in and through me

I believe it

I receive it

I declare it

So then I go to PRAISING like I have lost my mind

But really I have

I am letting go of thinking too much

Thinking my way out of what you have promised

Thinking I am less than, forgetting that I was called before I was born

Thinking about what others think of me; paralyzing me

Thinking it’s not perfect enough so why even try

In my crazy loud I don’t even know what to do with myself PRAISE

I magnify you

I declare your goodness

I rehearse what you have done for me

In my praise I laugh

Laugh because you have given me beauty for ashes

Laugh because you have redeemed my life from destruction

Laugh because you chose me


I laugh at the enemy

Because He tried, REALLY HARD






So yeah

You gave me instructions

They were clear

And I say yes

Yes I believe it

Yes I will do it




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2 Replies to “God, I say yes.”

  1. BEAUTIFUL! My favorite line is “You chose me.” Wow! God saved me so many times. I am so grateful. He’s done so many things for me, I need to praise him more, thank him more, glorify him more. Even when I don’t feel like praising, I will praise him. He’s so worthy to be praised! I say yes to changing my mindset and making God a priority!

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