God Said. There was. It was good.

Hannah creating one of her artistic works.


God said. There was. And it was good.  That pretty much sums up my God.  The one who has the ability to speak something out of nothing. Create light out of darkness.  I read Genesis chapter 1 through different lenses this morning because I read it thinking about some things that God has spoken to me.  Things that if I look at it in the natural they seem impossible…nonexistent. But my God, the very God who created the heavens and the earth defies human logic and breaks through every boundary to bring into existence what He wants.  He not only speaks and it happens, but when it happens it is good! As I read that very familiar passage of scripture I was encouraged.  Encouraged to believe that if He created in Genesis 1, He can still create opportunities for me today.  He can create openings in doors that are shut and even create a door that was not originally there.  Encouraged to believe that it will be exactly as He has spoken as I grab a hold of it by faith.  Encouraged to believe that as I pursue the purpose for which I am called, it will all work together for my good!

Reread Genesis 1 and reflect on the following questions

-What specific promises has he made to you that seems impossible?

-When you think about what God has spoken, do you see it as impossible because you are thinking about your own limitations? Is God asking you to do it in your own strength or His?

Be blessed!


8 Replies to “God Said. There was. It was good.”

    1. It is so easy to get caught up in our own understanding and forget about the sovereignty of God. It takes a daily renewal of our minds to be reminded!

  1. WOW! This is perfect timing. I was just saying this to my husband last night. I love how you point out that God created the heavens and the earth and since he did all of that, how can he not keep his promises to me? He is the same God yesterday, today and forever! Reading this blog is making me more excited for what is to come. My husband was having a hard time believing something that I believe is ours because I am claiming it. I have NO IDEA how it’s going to happen but I’m trusting in God that he will create a door for us to walk through! Beautiful post!

    1. God is so faithful, continue to believe what He has spoken to you. Dont focus on how impossible it is, If God said it, you can count on it!

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