Guess what? I am expecting!

I am expecting!  I know you have questions, so do I?  When do I deliver?  How far along am I?  What am I having?   I am not sure of any of the above answers. I don’t know when or specifically what, but I know it is going to be big.  It is going to be great.  Bigger than what I can do in my own strength.

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The pain has been intense, at times unbearable. I have had moments where I thought miscarriage was inevitable and I just needed a hug.  I needed reassurance that it was going to be ok.


But today the life within me kicked.  I am overflowing with purpose, infused with hope, running on faith.

I will give birth to this thing.  I will. I will.  I will.  In the name of Jesus I WILL. Speaking of will, that is all I want to give birth to, His will.   I am pregnant with the promises of God, I want His kindgom to come in my life.  I take on the best birthing positon ever…PRAYER! You did not know? Prayer births things.  Big things. Great things. Impossible things.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Elijah, Hannah, and my personal favorites Isaiah and Faith.


Are you expecting as well?  I invite you to join me in prayer as you prepare to give birth.  Be Blessed!




10 thoughts on “Guess what? I am expecting!”

  1. Donielle says:


  2. Khenady says:


    1. Anika Jones says:

      Lol up you are very funny. You can pick your jaw up now.

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  4. Jerri LatimerClark says:

    Congratulations! I am happy for your family.

    1. Anika Jones says:

      Thank you!

  5. CrystalH says:

    Awesome motivation and pictures!!!!!!

    1. Anika Jones says:

      Thank you! Glad to know it blessed you!

  6. Melanie Nero says:

    Congratulations to your family!

    1. Anika Jones says:

      Thank you!

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