The other morning I was having devotion with my five children.  Let me rephrase that, all five of them were in the room but only 3 were paying attention.  I read them the story of Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones.  Then we got to the verse where Ezekiel calls God sovereign.  Of course inquiring minds wanted to know what sovereign meant.   I tried my best to explain to my young children the meaning, then the light bulb went off for my 8 year old and she said, “Oh so God is a know it all!”  EXACTLY!  Yes He is a know it all because He is in control!  The two go hand in hand, being in control and all knowing!     In her 2nd grade world, being labeled as a know it all is right up there with being called a tattletale.  But she understood that God’s label was a bit different.  I absolutely love the way God reveals Himself to children.  Simple yet very profound.   
I am so happy that I know THE KNOW IT ALL GOD!  If I rest in the fact that God is in control and He knows it all, would I worry so much?  Would I question His plans for my life, wondering if He may steer me the wrong way?  Would I fight with everything in me to have control?  I mean really.  I should be floating through life in the arms of my in control, know it all God, rejoicing that He knows the end from the beginning and ALL (I mean ALL) I have to do is TRUST HIM!  So refreshing to be reminded of this truth.  Life is unpredictable. We will have seasons of joy and others of great struggle but relax our know it all God is in control.
Read the story of Ezekiel and Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37).  Great source of encouragement! 

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