Holy Ghost Wildfire


I have really been thinking about the fire of God lately and quite frankly I DON’T WANT TO SHAKE IT.  I don’t want it to be a fleeting thought.

I want His fire to consume me.

I want to believe that He still makes visitations like He did in Acts Chapter 2.  The more I go with God, the more I hunger for His fire.  Not just for the power but for the purging.

I want to look more like Him…not thinking of myself more highly than I ought to, not striving to please man, not having an inward focus, and not putting a cap on my ability to love.  I want His supernatural love to flow through me….an overflow!

I can’t get to this place without His fire. I can’t live beyond what is normal without His fire. I won’t be willing to color outside the lines without His fire.

I want to operate in boldness and not be paralyzed by the possibility of being persecuted and not being liked. I want to speak His unpopular truths  without reservation even though I know there will be a direct backlash. Yes Jesus I want a Holy Ghost wildfire in me.  I want you to set a fire down in my soul!

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7 Replies to “Holy Ghost Wildfire”

  1. It is the anointing of the holy spirit at work in a believer’s life that sets their soul ablaze. If we simple ask God and allow him to do so, many others from other false religion will accept the truth that Jesus is Lord of all. Keep the fire burning.

  2. I just wanted to visit your lovely website after you stopped by mine! It took a while since my family has had the flu..! I loved you visiting and for your comment and encouragement. I’m so inspired by your post here about the fire of the Holy Ghost! I do believe the fire is here, as it was in ACTs! It’s how big is our faith?!! I feel the fire of His glory in your flaming heart and feel the joy of the Lord in your inspiring message! I see it in your beauty, the love of God shining through you! Beautiful message! I love your website, so many good things to offer!

    1. Yes I totally agree with you Kathy, the Holy Spirit is still available today as He was in the book of Acts! The manifestation is hindered not because it is not offered but because we don’t desire and/or don’t believe it is available to us. My prayer is that the church will cry out for the fire of God! Thanks for stopping by and offering words of affirmation!

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