How to Pray for your Husband


We are called to help not hinder our husbands.  One of the best ways to help our husbands is to pray for them. After watching the below clip please leave a comment and let me know how you pray for your husband?  What scriptures do you use?

5 thoughts on “How to Pray for your Husband”

  1. Anika Jones says:

    You are very welcome!

  2. K Johns says:

    I love your statement, “the Word of God and the will of God is one in the same”. I am definitely joining the 10 minutes a day praying for your husband challenge.

    1. Anika Jones says:

      Happy to hear you are on board with the challenge!

  3. Kathy says:

    What a wise post! I so need to hear this husband has been struggling so much with his work, and so needs a break so he can find new work. I’ve been praying for a long time, so I need to see if I’m praying according to God’s will for him!

    1. Anika Jones says:

      Thanks for the comment Kathy. Praying the Lord will lead you both on how to pray His will concerning this situation. He is faithful!

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