I have big news, great news, exciting news! On April 28th I will be turning 40! I am not at all mourning the fact that I am getting older. Ok, let me keep it real, maybe I am a little upset that I don’t drop the pounds as fast as I used to and that if I eat what I shouldn’t it seems to show seconds later. Let’s just say my age and my metabolism are not best friends. But other than that, and some other interesting side effects that comes with getting older, I must say that I am totally embracing this turning 40 thing! Why? Glad you asked….I was going to tell you even if you did not inquire. I can reflect on my life and see how much growth has taken place. Yes, I have more learning to do, but I am going to celebrate all that God has done in me and all that He has taught me. I have learned many lessons that has helped me to lose my life while at the same time finding it in Christ. It has been a ride, let me tell ya! But I am tasting freedom in overwhelming doses. I have been in super reflective mode, as is my custom around my birthdays! This year, I decided to share those reflections with you, yes you! For the next 40 days I am going to share 40 lessons I have learned on the road to turning 40. Of course, I have learned more, but these are the most pronounced as I reflect on my life.

The most life changing lesson I have learned on my road to being 40 is that I am loved by God! Sounds simple I know but I must confess that there were times in my life where my actions proved that I did not believe this to be true.

Times when I
shrunk back when I should have stood up
doubted when I should have believed
put up what I should have put out
Feared when I should have been confident
Settled when I should have demanded more
Compromised when I should have yielded to conviction

All because I didn’t embrace the unchanging truth that I am loved by God. I am just so overwhelmed with emotions when I really think about how much He loves me. It used to seem like such a distant love. However, the more I surrender to God, the more personal His love becomes. Perhaps it’s because I am more intentional about sitting and listening to Him speak to me. I am hearing these messages of love that I seemed to have missed. It wasn’t that He wasn’t telling me before, I just couldn’t hear Him because of the competing voices in my head. Surrender seemed to have fine-tuned my hearing and my heart. I am getting a deeper revelation of His love and it has brought a new level of confidence…not arrogance…there is a difference. There is something about knowing I am loved by the creator of the universe that pushes me into my purpose with my head held high. I know I haven’t fully grasped His love for me but I am starting to get it. How about you? Do you know and live in the reality that you are loved by the creator of the universe? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Below are some scriptures to mediate on to remind you of this love. See you tomorrow as I share lesson #2 on my road to turning 40!

Psalm 13:5-6 (NLT)
But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me.
I will sing to the LORD because he is good to me.

Jeremiah 31:3
“…I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.”
1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Be Blessed

Anika Jones

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Anika Jones

Hello there! I am Anika and I am definitely one of those. Passion oozes from every fiber of my being. I love to love. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I already told you that I am one of those kinds of people. Read on to find out some more interesting facts about me… 1. I love me some Jesus. I love to testify and if you hang around me long enough you may hear me bragging on the awesomeness of God, like how • He gave me a house I couldn't afford • Healed two of my children • Gave me a yes when I wanted to say no 2. I married a younger man…OK, not really. I was 23 while he was 22. My birthday is in April and his in August, but it’s our running joke. Nevertheless, after 13 years of marriage, I happen to love him deeply, and it still makes for a great story. 3. I have experienced the pain of two miscarriages and the joy of delivering 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls). I have both a bachelors and masters degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Early Childhood Education, which I put to good use staying home with the kiddos. 4. I attend an awesome church where my husband is the Assistant Pastor. I am also a part of a not for profit organization that encourages women to walk in their God given purpose. 5. I am addicted to prayer. 6. I am considered nice by most, definitely extreme by design. I am politically incorrect. 7. I take the scenic route when telling a story, but I promise if you hang on long enough, I eventually get to the punch line. 8. I have great ideas but I sometimes procrastinate. Jesus and I are working on that one. 9. I am guilty of overthinking things (refer to number 8). 10. I am originally from Jamaica. Surprise…sunshine and coconuts are two of my favorite things. 11. I subscribe to the Paleo Diet and actually did a round of Whole 30. 12. I love to experiment in the kitchen. 13. I make an absolute mess when I cook. I try to clean as I go but get distracted with cooking. Go figure. (My family doesn't always enjoy my cooking but I make them eat it anyway.) 14. I love people and enjoy talking to them—even the weird ones. I tried being otherwise but found it doesn't suit me well, so I'm learning to be okay with being me. 15. I have traction alopecia and wear wigs and am crazy enough to believe God for restoring my hair follicles even though the doctors have said otherwise. 16. A movie is considered good only if it makes me cry...more than once. Sound of Music happens to be my all time favorite. 17. I really wish I sang well. I really don't. 18. Telling people about Jesus is my favorite past time. And if I'm not talking about Him, I'm talking about my family or some random health fact I learned on Google. 19. I love redemption stories and happy endings, that’s why I said yes to Jesus. Feel like you know me a little more? Well good! Please continue to stop by my little corner of cyber world. And do leave a comment. Remember I love to talk to people!

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The lesson I’ve learned or rather excepted is that nothing people do to you is personal. It’s usually about them and their stuff. And you can’t take anything personal.

    Anika Jones

    I have definitely learned to grow “thicker skin” as I have gotten older. I used to take a lot of things personal (at times, I still do) but I think you bring up a good point. We have to take into consideration that what another person is going through. Their situation can impact the way they treat others, so as opposed to being upset, we can pray for the individual. Thanks again for commenting!


      Yes I got that from the four agreements. An ex friend who left. Lol


Look forward to going on the journey with you sis! #40days ☺️☺️

    Anika Jones

    Thanks Latoya! It should be an adventure!

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