Maintenance after the purge (Part 3/3 : Spiritual Cleaning)


As I previously wrote, I have been so excited about decluttering and getting my house in order.  However I have noticed that once you have purged and organized your home, the maintenance is the most challenging part.  It is so easy to slip and return to old housekeeping habits, naturally and spiritually.   The devil is not happy that you surrendered to the process of being spiritually cleansed.  He will return and try to pull you back into old habits and leave you a bigger mess than you were before.  Read Mathew 12:43-45 to get more insight.  However be encouraged that the word reminds us that God is able to keep us from falling.  Yes it is true, God can keep you …if you want to be kept.

I have read numerous articles on maintaining a clean home and they emphasize having an established cleaning routine.   Established routines help to keep the clutter away.  Remember a house doesn’t stay clean without any effort, you have to be intentional about it.     So the question I ask you is, are you intentional about spending time with the Lord in prayer and the study of His word to maintain the cleansing you have received? Are you connected to like-minded believers to help to encourage you in your walk with Christ? While I am talking about fellowshipping with like-minded believers I would like to extend an invite to attend my church’s annual women’s advance.  Please click here for more information.  I pray that you will continue do all that is necessary to maintain the victory!

Be blessed


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