What you need to do Vs. What you want to do

Yesterday, I took my super tired 4-year-old to bed for a much-needed nap. As we headed up the stairs to her bedroom, she started crying real tears. She protested repeatedly, “I don’t want to go to bed!” I kissed her on the cheek before putting her in the bed and told her, “I know you don’t WANT TO but you NEED a Nap.”

Then I had another one of those moments when God shows me myself through my children. I have had many “I don’t want to” moments with God after He tells me what I NEED to do for my own good. He doesn’t force me to do it, the choice is always mine. However, I continue to learn that God is a lot smarter than me so it is ALWAYS in my best interest to submit to Him. My current NEED TO list from God includes; a drastic reduction of my sugar intake, forgiving others and not replaying the offense, and being confident in who I am in Him and not obsess about what others think of me. By the grace of God, I have made huge strides in these areas. However, there are days when what I need to do gets hard, REAL HARD and I just want to cry and scream, “I DON’T WANT TO GOD!”

There is a similar tension in 2 Kings 5. In this story, we have Naaman the leper who was given a message from Elisha the prophet to go and dip seven times in the Jordan River in order to be healed of his leprosy. Naaman, a respected leader was appalled that Elisha didn’t even come out to greet him. He had different expectations on how his healing would take place. However, after some wise counsel from his servants, Naaman went and dipped 7 times in the Jordan as instructed and was instantly healed of his leprosy. The very thing he did not want to do was the thing that he needed to do to receive healing.

How about you? What is God saying you need to do? Have you been doing it or have you been disobedient because it is not what you want to do? I want to encourage you to respond in obedience because God ALWAYS KNOWS what is best!
Be Blessed

6 Replies to “What you need to do Vs. What you want to do”

  1. I feel the same way about many task. I am learning to step back and trust God even when I don’t “want” to do it.

    1. Trusting God is a huge component in the process. When we trust God, we are more inclined to go as He leads us even when we don’t want to. Thanks for the comment.

  2. This video showed up on my notifications just in time. I’m going through a time right now where I’m constantly prompted by the Lord to do things for other people that I dont want to do. I’ve begun to understand that keeping my eyes on Him (not them) and submitting out of love helps me. God is so faithful, and visitng your page has reminded me of that. Thank you!

    1. I am so happy to hear that the Lord used this post as confirmation for you. Be encouraged in knowing that God’s grace shows up when we make the choice to obey the HARD THINGS He tells us to do. Your obedience is not in vain.

  3. Thanks for the reminder Sister Anika. I have reduced my sugar intake but could still improve in this area. Even though I love sweets, I need to cut-back.

    There are times I think I’ve forgiven however, something will occur and the offense is replayed in my mind (the devil is so shrewd). I’m still asking God to help me in this area and I know He will deliver me.

    1. Admitting our areas of struggle is a sign of humility and God gives grace to the humble. I pray that we both will have perpetual victory in these areas and that we will receive the grace that is readily available to us. Thank you for your transparency.

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