How is that New Year’s resolution to pursue God going?



It is already February and some of us made a  New Year’s resolution to have a closer walk with God. I am checking in on you to see how that’s going? Are you still making the  study of God’s word  and prayer a priority; or has life crept in and distracted you?  It’s easy to lose steam. If this is the case, ask yourself what are your biggest distractions? Is it an ungodly relationship, excessive time on the internet/television, your own negative attitude, or just wallowing in unforgiveness and condemnation? Take time to commit these distractions to prayer and also pray for grace to respond in obedience to the Lord’s response. Perhaps you are struggling with time management, the desire is there but you just can’t seem to find the time.  Yep, you guessed it…pray and ask the Lord to show you how to make time for Him.  You may be available but you just don’t know how to structure your time with the Lord, have you considered starting a prayer/bible study journal. I want to encourage you to keep going, and if you have fallen off the bandwagon, get back on. Be deliberate about your pursuit of God, your life depends on it.  

If you have children include them in the process.  Below I have a few videos from my YouTube channel to encourage you in this area.  Please leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing in your pursuit of God.  What are some things that helps you to remain focused?

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