My pain is being redeemed when I intercede for others


Last night in corporate prayer, I witnessed something that brought me to tears.  I heard the prayers of someone who had experienced deep pain intercede on behalf of another who was going through something similar.  I cried because her past pain allowed her to intercede from a place of love. In that moment I realized that her pain was not wasted, it was being redeemed.

Jesus is the greatest example of an intercessor.  The pain He experienced on the cross was a form of intercession for me and you.  His death purchased my redemption.  My salvation proves that His pain was not wasted.  His intercession for me did not stop at the cross because the scripture tells me that He is now sitting at the right hand of the father making intercession on my behalf.

We all have stories of difficulties we have had to endure.  THose stories can either  leave us bitter (wasting our pain) or push us to another level of intimacy with God and making us powerful intercessors (redeemed pain). I leave you with the following questions;  what are you doing with the pain you have endured?  Are you wasting it or allowing the Lord to redeem it through your prayers of intercession for others.

Be blessed!

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