My word for this season is PROCESS and I am not always overwhelmingly excited about it. I have noticed an interesting pattern in my life. God speaks, I get excited and I initially pursue what He tells me. However, with time, that excitement diminishes. I was looking through my blog and realized that I had a lot of unfinished blog post in the draft section. Why is that? I get excited about writing a piece and just like that I walk away and never finish it. My unfinished blog posts are reflective of my impatience with the process and my desire to always start something new if the old is taking too long to be completed.

I am uncomfortable with waiting and being patient. For example, at times I become impatient while waiting for my children to become more independent, for my hair to grow, waiting to lose that baby weight from almost five years ago, and on and on. I love the idea of getting to the end and receiving what God promised me. I am often in a hurry for the process to end, but God allows the process to continue because He is trying to do a deeper work in me. I can’t be so quick to move on to another script if the end of my current season doesn’t come as quick as I would like. I leave so much on the table and miss the valuable lessons God is trying to teach me. My prayer is to be more focused and patient while going through the process that is before me. I can relax in knowing that God won’t hold out on the promise that is waiting for me at the end of all of this. What a great comfort! How about you? Do you find that you have patience in the process or are you always looking for it to end? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I allow my life to move at such warp speed that during this time of life He has found ways to slow me down and just BE. Be with Him, be with myself, be with my family. BE STILL. I have surely realized it’s not such a bad place to be at all. Quieting my soul has been so good for me. The key is have I learned enough from Him that I will not return to warp speed when my healing is over. I hope so.

    1. Thanks for such great insight Patty! There are so many valuable lessons God teaches us when we are still. Praying that the lesson will continue to stick even after healing has manifested…as it will!

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