Praise God Or Go Mad

Today was one of those days that I wish never happened.  It was hard…more than.  I cried till my eyes were swollen.  I tried to pray but could not even make sense of my thoughts.  Thank goodness He is able to interpret my tears.  It was not supposed to play out like this.  Shocked.  Numb.  A dark cloud was hanging over me most of the day.  I had three concerned ladies pray for me.  They prayed and I said Amen but the cloud did not go away.  All the “what ifs” ran through my mind and then the tears started to flow all over again.  I read devotionals, I put on hymns and back to trying to pray again. The cloud was still there.   THEN something happened, I began to praise.  Not because my circumstances had instantly changed but because I came to my senses.  God is good.  PERIOD.  And because He is good He is deserving of my praise.  As I began to praise, I was reminded that He is in control and I can trust Him.  COMPLETELY!  I can go mad playing out the ifs or receive His peace that comes through praise.  My praise brings back to remembrance how He has come through for me in the past, how He kept me even when He did not answer the way I wanted.  My praise put God in His rightful position and allowed me to take a seat in His peace.  Oh Lord, let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen

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  1. I have felt that way more times than I am willing to admit……..It has been to the point I couldn’t sleep……Yes God is good because in the still of the night when crying and praying didn’t work for me either I said Lord all I have is you……At that time is when God whispered the words to a song that was only for me……The more I sang that song the more at peace I felt my tears of sorrow became tears of comfort from my Father which meant everything to me…Thank You God

    1. He is such a comforter…One of the many reasons why I love Him! Praying that even in the pain, you will sense His peace and comfort. Love you!

  2. Amen, thanks for sharing this Sis. Anika. It’s encouraging to know that Praise is an effective weapon to help us in spite of how we are feeling!

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