Pray BIG. Lessons learned from my 4 year old

My youngest son Isaiah is turning 5 in a few weeks. I have noticed that he has no limits on what he asks of us for his birthday, especially his daddy.  He has made requests for a house, a boat, an airplane and even the White House.  He is not asking for the toy versions of the aforementioned.  He wants the real thing.  His older siblings laugh at his silly requests because they know “better” they are more” mature.”  Time has taught them to ask for safe things, reasonable things, things they think they can actually get.

I would like to think I have great faith in prayer.  However there have been times in which I have played it safe with the request I bring to God, because life has “matured” me to know “better.”  But what if, what if I took Isaiah’s approach and CONSISTENLY PRAYED BIG prayers, asking big things of my big God!  My good father.  I am not talking about just asking for stuff either.

  • Pray for healing that seems impossible
  • Pray for restoring relationships that seem broken beyond repair
  • Pray for salvation for that loved one that seems so lost
  • Pray for doors to be open that you feel unqualified to walk through.
  • Pray for the ability to forgive that offense that almost destroyed you
  • Pray for provision when the economy is saying otherwise

Sometimes when we get a “no” to a prayer, we hesitate to submit another BIG request. Disappointment has a way of paralyzing us in prayer. We must not forget that if God said no, it was for our good. Do not let a previous “no” hold you back from praying for something that God will say “yes” to!  I want to encourage you to seek God so you can know His desires for you. Once He puts those desires in your heart, don’t be afraid to pray them, even if they are BIG!

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