Round 2 of Whole30

I had the opportunity to present on the Whole30 program at the Purposely Created Advance last weekend.   I was so blessed by the many women who were willing to give the Whole 30 a try.  To those that were at the conference, welcome to my blog!   As mentioned in my session, I am willing to join you on this journey starting October 1st.   You can read my previous posts concerning the Whole 30  here  and here. If you are in need of some kitchen tips and recipes you can also visit this previous post and my Whole 30 pinterest board to get more ideas.  I also plan to upload some videos to my youtube channel by tomorrow.  Please leave a comment to let me know if you have already started the Whole 30 or plan to join the party on October 1st.

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  1. Hi Anika, this is Crystal Harris. I started the whole 30 as stated and stayed on for about a week. I loved how I felt and my stomach was disappearing. I’m basically modifying recipe ingredients to be comparable to the Whole 30. I may give it a try again once I have more recipes under my belt so I can eat a lot more. I was just losing too much weight.

  2. Hi Sister Anika,
    I plan to join in and start October 1st. Oh, I’m speaking for Elder Ron also because I know if I start he’s going to join me.

    Sister Coulter

    1. I am so excited for you too. Thats awesome that hubby is joining you. It really makes it easier having that in home support! I look forward to hearing all the insights you gain as you journal in the process.

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