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Have You Embraced Your Purpose?

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You are taking me to a place I’ve never been before But I dont have to fear, I don’t have to fear I. DONT. HAVE. TO. FEAR. I must remind myself because the temptation is there I can be confident because you have proven that you are on my side…

About Anika Jones

I have been changed and continue to go through a spiritual metamorphosis. Why & How you ask? I fell in love with Jesus! My life with Him has been absolutely fulfilling, at times nail biting, puzzling, joy filled, tear dropping, & absolutely positively WORTHWHILE! I married the handsome man I met at a bus stop over 13 years ago and together we have six energetic children. It is my desire to share what I am learning as I walk with Jesus in hopes that it would have an eternal impact on those who read it!