It is so easy to tell God what we think He wants to hear in prayer. He however wants us to be real when we pray. Click here to read more.


How to Pray for your Husband

As a wife, one of the best things I can do for my husband is to pray for him. Click here for tips on how to pray!


Use Your Prayer Power

As people of God, we must tap into the power of prayer. Take a listen and be encouraged! For more information on prayer please visit my blog at

Prayer Is The Ultimate Ice Breaker

In a previous post I mentioned a life changing leadership conference I attended.  I am still processing all that I learned.  I took note of what the speaker used as an icebreaker on the second day…PRAYER.   He told us to find someone in the room that we did not…

Hitting the floor and dropping the weight in 2015

It is the start of a new year and many including myself have health goals. Most have a few extra pounds to loose and a desire to be more toned. While I have put together an action plan to meet my goals, I have another method to drop a different kind of weight. This year I am gonna hit the floor more… on my knees in prayer to drop all the weight that is not mine to carry.

About Anika Jones

I have been changed and continue to go through a spiritual metamorphosis. Why & How you ask? I fell in love with Jesus! My life with Him has been absolutely fulfilling, at times nail biting, puzzling, joy filled, tear dropping, & absolutely positively WORTHWHILE! I married the handsome man I met at a bus stop over 13 years ago and together we have six energetic children. It is my desire to share what I am learning as I walk with Jesus in hopes that it would have an eternal impact on those who read it!