Time does not stand still. Move Forward in 2016.


Time does not stand still.  Despite my dilemmas and my protest, the hands on the clock continue to move FORWARD!

It’s natural to move forward, to not be stuck. If the clock stops ticking this can mean a few things…the batteries are dead and needs to be recharged.  And if it’s an electric clock, it could have been unplugged.

RECHARGE. UNPLUGGED. DEAD.  Which one are you?

RECHARGE.  You lived life on fast forward in 2015.  You did not have time to sit and be recharged in His presence because you had life to live, bills to pay, and duties to tend to.  Pray and read His word?  Every now and then perhaps but it was not at the top of the priority list.  But here you are at the end of the year and you see the fruit of constantly being on the go and not being still.  You are depleted.  The money you hustled to get, did pay the bills but it left you spiritually bankrupt.  Yes you lived life in 2015, but it was not the abundant life you were made to live.  The duties seemed insurmountable because you didn’t have time to stop and ask for His grace and His strength.  Here you are desperately needing to be recharged!

Unplugged. The phone rings and you roll your eyes because it is one of those “I want to connect with you and see how you are REALLY doing” church people calling AGAIN. So things didn’t happen the way you thought they should in 2015. You began the year determined to be on fire for God. Determined to use your gifts for His glory. Determined to get in prayer and His word. But then life crept in, funny how often that happens…if you let it, if you chose not to fight. You are disappointed because there is only one week until the year ends and God still DID NOT answer that prayer?

For the husband you want. You cried and continued to ask, “When will it be my turn?”

For the husband you have because your marriage is falling apart.

For the children you have because training them was sometimes more than you could handle.

For the children you desperately desire to have.  You cried and continued to ask, “When will it be my turn?”

The healing.  You cried and continued to ask, “When will it be my turn?”

The job you have.

The job you want.

Whatever the prayer, the answer seemed to have eluded you. So out of spite, you unplugged. You may still show up to church but that’s about all you do…SHOW UP and checked out. UNGPLUGGED from the power source.

DEAD. Has the circumstances from 2015 knocked you down so many times that you just gave up and stopped ticking? You let your purpose DIE.  That dream DIE. You scoffed at the prophetic word because it was requiring more surrender than you were willing to give. So instead of going forward in who God has called you to be, you just plain DIED. Yes there is still breath in your body but you died a different kind of death…you stopped believing, you stopped having faith, you stopped obeying, you stopped pursuing. The real you died. This being stuck thing it can be numbing creating an odd kind of comfort.  But wake up from your slumber because you were made to live not die!

Time doesn’t stand still, so why should you? 2016 is around the corner and it is time to get RECHARGED! Time to start all over. Time to get plugged into Jesus, the ultimate power source. Time to grow up and fully embrace the fact that serving Jesus will never be convenient but ALWAYS worth it, ALL OF THE TIME! 2016 LETS GO FORWARD!




Low impact workouts

Summer was good to me. There was a lot of family bonding and as an added bonus my husband and I worked out together over the summer months.  IT WAS GREAT!  Did I mention that quality time is my love language?  But then school started and our little workout party got broken up.  I told myself that even though I lost my handsome workout partner, I was going to be ok with returning to working out by myself using these YouTube videos.  After all I got the revelation that Jesus does care about my health.  But I missed a couple of days because we were all getting adjusted to the back to school schedule.   A couple of days turned into a few weeks and before I knew it, November was here and it had been whopping three months since I worked out consistently ( I stopped counting going up and down my stairs as suffice). I called one of my brothers the other day and he shared that he was just getting back into working out.  During our conversation, I made a commitment to begin working out again.   So here I am 2 weeks into getting back on track. Being one that doesn’t do well with keeping things to myself, I have decided to share with you my YouTube playlist for low impact cardio workouts.  These workouts have been great!  Don’t let the low impact part fool you, these workouts will have you working up a good sweat.  I also love the fact that these are easier on my joints.  I plan to add more videos to this playlist as I go so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates.    As it stands, I am aiming to work out for 15-20minutes at least 4 times a week.  Leave me a comment and let me know if you have fallen off the workout bandwagon but plan to start up again. We can do it together!