Fasting…that word that most of us Christians don’t want to hear.  I will confess fasting doesn’t make the list for the top 10,000 thigs I LOVE TO DO.  However as I tell my children about eating organ meats; you won’t always like doing what is good for you but you still have to do it.  My flesh loves to be in charge, it loves to showcase itself.  However there is nothing like a good dose of fasting to put my flesh in its rightful place.  So what does the bible have to say about fasting and why and when should I do it?  Check out this article for some answers. Fasting not only has great spiritual benefits, but for a bonus it also helps us on a natural level.  Read this article for some of the health benefits associated with fasting. The process of fasting can sometimes be very difficult  but I never regret doing it. In the end, I receive mental clarity and feel  spiritually energized .  I want to encourage you to incorporate fasting as you seek to grow closer to God.  Be blessed!


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