Feeling Restricted by God?

I am expecting great things from God. However, I realize that there are certain restrictions that I have to adhere to in order for me to give birth to these promises.  If I am honest (and remember honest is good) some days I struggle with being restricted.  There are specific things that I know God has told me not to do.  And oh my me, do I struggle with this.  These restrictions are not evil or sinful BUT they are off limits to me. 

What makes it worst is when I see other Jesus loving people having the freedom to do the very thing that God has told me not do. There are things explicitly stated in scripture for ALL believers to follow.  However, there are specific instructions that God gives to the individual.    I cannot focus on another’s freedom and deliberately ignore God’s instructions TO ME. James 4:17 says, “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”  OUCH! God’s word is so straightforward and that sword sometimes hurt.  Willful disobedience is SIN…a key ingredient to aborting the promises of God. 


This morning I read the story of Samson in Judges Chapters 13-16.  Samson’s mother was given specific dietary restrictions by the angel of God.  She was also told that Samson should never cut his hair, the source of his strength. God intended to use Samson as a deliver for His people, and Samson’s strength was key.  These specific instructions were not given to every Israelite woman.  Samson’s mother could have easily ignored these instructions or try to make a case as to why it was not fair that she had to follow such strict rules.  But you see she was barren and desperately desired to give birth.  Desperation is a great motivator for obedience. As you read on, we see that Samson’s end was tragic, He was not careful to follow all of God’s instructions and the source of His strength was revealed to the enemy. They were eventually able to take Samson captive.

I don’t want to be careless and insult God. I want to fully live out my God intended purpose, so today I pray for grace to do all He has called me to do, no excuses!  How about you?




Anika Jones

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Anika Jones

Anika Jones is a speaker and author of the book Lessons Learned Along The Way: A 40 Day Devotional. She blogs about faith and family at LivingForLater.com and posts weekly videos on her YouTube channels, Living For Later (@livingforlater) and Living Life Now (@livinglifenow). Anika loves speaking about developing intimacy with God and understanding who we are in Christ. She serves alongside her husband in ministry. They live in Illinois with their 6 children.

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