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Consecration Is A Lifestyle Not An Event
Most are familiar with John 3:16 that speak of God loving us so much that He gave His only son[...]
Why Are You Asking “Why?”
God is not afraid of our questions. He is big enough to handle them. However, many times we are not[...]
I Have Been Here Before. Elijah’s Diagnosis
I’m no stranger to the walls of a hospital. I’ve been here before. I am familiar with the beeping of[...]
Idols Are Falling. How Are You Using The Time You Now Have?
Idols are falling all around us, and the temptation is there to create new ones instead of turning to the[...]
Are You Afraid Of Dying A Premature Death?
The scripture lets us know in John 7:30 that even though Jesus ruffled the feathers of the religious leaders and[...]
Read And Obey The Word Of God To Combat Fear
I declare that in my almost 42 years of life; I have experienced nothing like what is going on. The[...]
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