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Prayer Requires Something of You
As I was transporting my children to school this morning, a familiar scenario played out. I instructed them to put[...]
Let The Word Guide You
At this time of year, most of us are in the mode of making New Year's Resolutions. All these plans[...]
Why Are You Acting Like You Don’t Know What To Do
In my mind, I was rehearsing the scenario that took place the previous day. The more I thought about it,[...]
The God Who Sees
In Genesis 16, Hagar ran away after being mistreated by her master Sarai.  Out in the desert, the desolate place,[...]
We Don’t Know It All
As of late, God has been challenging me through others on my incorrect and even limited understanding of certain scriptures.[...]
What Do You Do After You Mess Up?
Being saved is not about always getting it right but more about what you do after you get it wrong.[...]
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