Prayer Is The Ultimate Ice Breaker

In a previous post I mentioned a life changing leadership conference I attended.  I am still processing all that I learned.  I took note of what the speaker used as an icebreaker on the second day…PRAYER.   He told us to find someone in the room that we did not know and pray for his/her need.  I quickly found a sweet young lady.  We exchanged names and she asked me with a smile, “How can I pray for you?”  HOW. CAN. I. PRAY. FOR. YOU?  And before I could filter my thoughts and give her a general and “safe” prayer request, I found myself opening up and spilling some very personal information about myself.  Information that I would have preferred not to lead a conversation with, especially to a total stranger.  But that was the point she wasn’t a stranger she was my sister in the Lord.  There was a great sense of comfort as I shared.  She listened with a smile, and then it was her turn.  She gave her prayer request and then we took turns and prayed for each other.  Then just like that the ice was broken for me.  Whatever walls or inhibitions that were up came down.  My heart was prepped through prayer. This prayer set the stage for me for the rest of the conference, it was the icebreaker.

That simple demonstration greatly impacted me.  Allow me to explain.  The speaker mentioned how we have complicated a simple thing.  We go to extravagant lengths to do “church.”  But what if, what if we returned to one of the traditions mentioned in bible…PRAYER!  Prayer doesn’t require any special fund raising, or man made strategies.  All it requires is a heart after God and a desire to see His kingdom manifested here on earth as it is in heaven.  Prayer breaks every ice because it brings us directly before the throne of God. As we seek His face in genuine prayer He sends the fire.  The fire that revives, purges, and makes new. I have fallen in love with prayer all over again because I have fallen in love with Jesus AGAIN.  I am seeing Him in a totally different light.  SIMPLY beautiful.  SIMPLY.  Prayer from a pure heart is one of the most beautiful things to listen to.  I love to hear passionate people pray.  I feel like I am getting the inside scoop between two friends.  Real prayer that breaks the ice is not about proper grammar, volume, or even length .  Real prayer is birth from a humble(repentant)  and hungry heart.  PERIOD.

Be Blessed!



Anika Jones

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Anika Jones

Anika Jones is a speaker and author of the book Lessons Learned Along The Way: A 40 Day Devotional. She blogs about faith and family at and posts weekly videos on her YouTube channels, Living For Later (@livingforlater) and Living Life Now (@livinglifenow). Anika loves speaking about developing intimacy with God and understanding who we are in Christ. She serves alongside her husband in ministry. They live in Illinois with their 6 children.

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